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Version 2.6.1
Released March 25, 2015

Web Service Testing. API Testing. Website Testing.

HttpMaster is a web development tool to automate web application testing, including web service testing, API testing, and website testing.

HttpMaster is an excellent choice for every web professional when used as:
  • Web API Test Tool to automate testing of web API calls.
  • Web Service Test Tool, especially for RESTful web services testing.
  • Http Test Tool to simulate client activity for a website or web application.
HttpMaster comes in two editions; Express Edition which can be freely downloaded and used, and the more powerful Professional Edition which requires purchase of a LIFETIME license (trial version is also available).

Web API Testing

Main HttpMaster focus is integration testing of web API applications. Excellent support for API testing includes the following:

REST Web Services Testing

HttpMaster also excels as web service testing tool, especially for REST web service testing. REST developers and testers will appreciate these features for RESTful testing:

Website Testing

Although the primary objective of HttpMaster is API & REST testing, it can be easily applied for testing of other web application types, for example, website HTML forms. HttpMaster offers some unique features in this area:

Http Traffic Generator

With its support for dynamic parameters and a number of different customization options to fine-tune web requests, HttpMaster can be used as universal http test tool. To generate high number of various web requests, HttpMaster provides the following core features:

Want to Know More?

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