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Web Development and Test Tool
Current version: 2.7.1 (July 21, 2015)

Web Application Development And Testing

HttpMaster is a web development and test tool, with special focus on REST web services and REST API applications.

HttpMaster is an excellent choice for every web professional when used as:
  • Web API Test Tool to automate testing of web API calls.
  • Web Service Test Tool, especially as REST tester for RESTful web services.
  • Http Test Tool to simulate client activity for a website or web application.
HttpMaster comes in two editions; Express Edition which can be freely downloaded and used, and the more powerful Professional Edition which requires purchase of a lifetime license (trial version is also available).

HttpMaster has a slick and easy to use interface, small and compact installation package and does not require any programming knowledge or other advanced technical skills.

Web API Testing

Main HttpMaster focus is integration testing of web API applications. Excellent support for API testing includes the following:

REST Web Services Testing

HttpMaster also excels as web service testing tool, especially for REST web service testing. REST developers and testers will appreciate these features for RESTful testing:

Website Testing

Although the primary objective of HttpMaster is API & REST testing, it can be easily applied for testing of other web application types, for example, website HTML forms. HttpMaster offers some unique features in this area:

Http Traffic Generator

With its support for dynamic parameters and a number of different customization options to fine-tune web requests, HttpMaster can be used as universal http test tool. To generate high number of various web requests, HttpMaster provides the following core features:

Want to Know More?

Visit features page to read more about HttpMaster features or browse frequently asked questions to get some basic HttpMaster info.