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Current version: 3.2 (February 2, 2016)

What is HttpMaster?

HttpMaster is a web development and test tool, with special focus on web services and API applications.

HttpMaster is an excellent choice for every web professional and can be used as:

Web API Tool for development and testing of API endpoints
Web Service Tool, especially for RESTful web services testing
Website Test Tool focused on posting HTML forms and files
Universal Http Tool to simulate client activity for a web application

HttpMaster has an elegant and easy to use interface, compact installation package and does not require any advanced technical skills.

API Applications

Main HttpMaster focus is integration testing of web API applications and services. Extensive feature set for API testing includes:

Request Chaining
Combine multiple API calls in execution batches of connected requests (e.g. POST followed by GET).
Response Data Validation
Select from a large set of validation types and create advanced expressions for response data validation.
Global Parameters
Define parameters to create global values for data reuse across multiple API calls.

Web Services

HttpMaster provides complete support for RESTful web services. Developers and testers looking for REST web service tool will appreciate:

Standard Collection of REST Methods
Choose among the most common REST methods, including GET, POST, DELETE, and more.
RESTful Data Validation
Validate output data of popular REST formats, including XML, JSON, and HTML.
Response Data Viewers
Work with special response data viewers for fiendly display of XML, JSON, images, and more.


Although the main HttpMaster objective is API & REST testing, it can be easily applied for website testing with these special features:

Comprehensive Data Upload Support
Post data of various content types (including 'multipart/form-data') and validate responses on duration or data size.
Request Data Builder
Extract HTML elements from an existing HTML content and automatically build request body for posting HTML forms.
Dynamic Parameters
Create parameters for HTML tags with multiple options (e.g. SELECT element) to simulate every possible variation of input data.

Web Applications

HttpMaster can be used across wide range of web application types due to its flexibility and rich set of core and complementary features:

Broad Set of Request Properties
Manage a number of options to fine-tune requests, for example, http headers, URL encoding of parameters, and more.
Web Application Load
Start multiple HttpMaster instances and execute the same project simultaneously to apply load to your web application.
Command Line Interface
Utilize command line interface to automate execution of HttpMaster projects.

Want to Know More?

Visit features page to read more about HttpMaster features or browse frequently asked questions to get some basic HttpMaster info.