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Version 2.6
Released March 6, 2015

Web Service Testing. API Testing. Website Testing.

HttpMaster is a web development tool to automate web application testing, including web service testing, API testing, and website testing.

If you are a web professional, HttpMaster will be excellent companion when used as:
  • Web Service Test Tool, especially for RESTful web services testing.
  • Web API Test Tool to automate testing of web API calls.
  • Http Test Tool to simulate client activity for a website or web application.
HttpMaster comes in two editions; the lightweight Express Edition which can be freely downloaded and used, and the more powerful Professional Edition which requires purchase of a license (trial version of Professional Edition is also available).

You can read quick overview of main HttpMaster objectives below. For more comprehensive description of HttpMaster, visit features page.

Automate Web Service Testing and API Testing

One of the main goals of HttpMaster is to be used as web service testing tool, for example, for REST API testing.

To start testing web services, create project with your web service calls and define and apply various dynamic parameters to the URL routes. Then execute selected calls and monitor outcome of executions, optionally with the use of response data validations, for example, if response data contains particular phrase or if response data size falls within the specific range.

HttpMaster can be invaluable as web service tester to automate web service testing or as API tester to automate API testing because it can display and validate the most common REST output formats, including XML, JSON, and HTML.

Automate Website Testing and Web Application Testing

Use HttpMaster as a web test tool to automate website testing (for example, HTML forms of your website) to monitor how your website behaves with different values of input data.

HttpMaster is able to extract form tags from an existing HTML content and automatically build request body. For HTML tags with multiple options (e.g. SELECT tag), HttpMaster can automatically create dynamic parameters with all available options and apply them inside the request body. In such a way, dynamic parameters can be used to simulate every possible variation of input data thus saving you tons of time otherwise used for manual testing with web browser.

While executing, HttpMaster monitors complete request and response data, including response time which can also be used for website speed test under different circumstances.

Generate High Volume of Http Traffic

With the use of dynamic parameters, HttpMaster can be used as an http traffic generator.

You can easily generate a high number of different requests to your web resources to test application behavior and monitor their responses. It is also possible to start multiple instances of HttpMaster with the same HttpMaster project and execute selected request items simultaneously to stress test web service or website.

Execute Multiple Web Requests in a Batch

Execute multiple requests against the same internet resource, but with some minor differences, for example, different value of particular query string parameter. You can accomplish such task easily with HttpMaster without the need to call each request manually in a web browser.

Execute Highly Customized Web Requests

You can use HttpMaster as an http test tool by generating highly customized http requests and then monitor and trace them.

HttpMaster offers a number of different customization options to fine tune your internet requests, for example, custom http headers, different request encodings, URL encoding of parameters, and others.

Want to Know More?

Visit features page to read more about HttpMaster features or browse our frequently asked questions to get some basic info about HttpMaster.